Car Owner Check

car owner check

When purchasing a used car, it’s essential to consider the number of previous owners, as this can impact the vehicle’s value. Car adverts often highlight the importance of having “one careful owner” to attract potential buyers. Conducting a car owner check is recommended to ensure that the information in the car’s Logbook is accurate and reliable. This check can help identify potential issues that may influence your buying decision.

Identifying a car’s owner from its registration plate can help in various situations, such as after an accident, dealing with a troublesome car, or when buying a vehicle to verify the seller’s ownership. Knowing the owner’s identity through their registration plate can provide valuable information and help you make informed decisions in these scenarios.

Can you find the car owner by their registration number?

If you’re trying to find a vehicle owner using its license plate, the best option is to use a DVLA car owner check.

If you have a legal reason to obtain this information, you can contact the DVLA and request driver details. They will review your request and determine whether your reason is valid enough to release the information.

It’s important to note that no car data check service, including an HPI check, can provide you with the current registered keeper’s name, address, or contact details.

What do I get with a car registration owner check?

A total car check conducted through Road Tax Check will provide information on the number of registered keepers that have owned the vehicle. However, please note that we cannot provide any personally-identifiable information regarding the previous owners or keepers of the vehicle.

  • Date of sale by the previous owner
  • Date of purchase by the previous owner
  • Length of ownership by the current owner
  • Date of purchase by the current owner
  • How many previous owners are there listed in the V5C Logbook
  • Registration date
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Date of the latest V5C logbook issue
  • City/region/country where the car was registered with the DVLA

How can I find the address of the vehicle’s owner using the license plate?

The DVLA (GOV-UK) is responsible for issuing vehicle registration plates and maintaining records of vehicles on the road. If you have the license plate number, you can use the DVLA’s online site and fill out the V888 form with the valid reason to find the owner’s address. 

How to find out how many owners a car has had?

You can check the vehicle’s Logbook or V5C document to find out how many owners a car has. The V5C document provides information on the number of previous registered keepers of the vehicle.

If you cannot access the V5C document, you can obtain a vehicle history report from a reputable provider. A car owner check report will include details on the number of previous owners and information on any accidents, service history, and other relevant information about the vehicle’s history.

I have a legal issue with someone and need to find out their information using their license plate. Is this a possibility?

In the UK, it is possible to find a vehicle’s registered keeper using their license plate. This can be done by requesting the DVLA with a genuine reason. However, there are some essential things to remember before doing this.

First, the GDPR protects individuals’ privacy rights, so you must have a legal reason to request this information.

Second, you must fill out form V888 and pay a fee. Once the form is processed, you will receive the registered keeper’s personal information, including their name and address. Please note that this information is only available for UK-registered vehicles.)

Do dealers advertise the wrong number of owners of a car?

Car dealers will often advertise the number of owners a car has had, but this number may not always be accurate. Sometimes, it may be deliberately misrepresented to make the car seem like a better deal.

When purchasing a used car, don’t pay too much attention to the advertised number of owners. Instead, take the time to research the car’s history and get a better idea of its actual value.


1. Is there information about previous owners in the V5 Logbook?

No, only the current and previous keepers’ information is displayed in the V5 Logbook.

That is, assuming the V5 document is genuine. Finding out about the rest of the previous keeper(s) history becomes a little more complicated.

2. Can the DVLA tell you who owns a vehicle?

The DVLA only has records of the previous owner of a vehicle, not the current one. This is because the ownership of a car can change several times over its lifetime, and it would be impractical for the DVLA to keep track of every owner. However, if you’re looking for the previous owner of a vehicle, then the DVLA should be able to help you out.

3. Can you check the registered keeper of a car?

If you have access to the vehicle’s registration document, the registered keeper’s details can be found on the front page of the V5C.

If you cannot access the registration document, you can request the registered keeper’s details by completing the V888/2A form.

4. What is the difference between the keeper and owner of a car?

Cars are registered as owners with the DVLA by their keepers. An owner of a car is someone who bought it from a dealer or private seller. Car owners pay car insurance, while car keepers pay road tax. If you are the keeper of a car, you can transfer ownership of the car to another person by filling in a form on the DVLA website. ‘Selling’ a car is moving ownership from one person to another.

5. Can I find the owner of a car with the license plate number UK?

Unfortunately, no car data check provider in the UK, including the HPI Check, can provide a registered keeper’s personal details or whereabouts. However, you can request this information directly from the DVLA by getting a DVLA vehicle owner check.

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