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Use our simple Number Plate Checker to find out the history of any car in the UK. To obtain vital information about any UK license plate, input the car registration number and select “Check your car.” Our service lets you easily and quickly look up a car’s history from your browser, including its make, model, and much information.

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Comprehensive Reports

  • Previous Keepers
  • Plate Change
  • Colour Change
  • Scrapped
  • Previous N.Ireland
  • VIC Inspected
  • VIN ends with
  • Engine Number
  • Imported
  • V5C count

Get a complete vehicle history report before purchasing to ensure their safety and security. Trust comprehensive information from insurance databases, police reports, and the DVLA, check now.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can receive instant access to Vehicle registration details such as make, model, year, color, engine size, etc., mileage information, Outstanding finance or loans on the vehicle, Road tax and MOT status, Previous plate numbers, and plate transfer history.

Our comprehensive checks use information from the DVLA, police records, and insurance providers to provide up-to-date, reliable data.

Yes, You can find out more about the car’s history from our records by looking up the number of previous owners.

You can find your car spec from the number plate using an online vehicle registration check service. These services can provide you with information such as the make and model of your car, its year of manufacture, engine size, fuel type, CO2 emissions, and more. Enter your vehicle’s registration number into the search box on a reliable provider’s website to obtain the necessary information. Some services may charge a fee for this service.

Considering vehicle history with DVLA number plate check

Important details clearly from the source

Theft Records: Check for any theft reports and confirm the legal status.

Insurance Write-Off: Find out if the insurance company has written the car off.

MOT History: Examine previous MOT results, get notes of failures, and provide advising notes. 

DVLA number plate check lets you easily obtain detailed information about any UK car, guaranteeing confidence and transparency in your transactions.

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By the registration number plate of the vehicle, you can find the owner

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