Webuyanycar vs Motorway vs Carwow: Which one is best?

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Are you planning to sell your used car, bike, or van online and feeling confused about which car-selling platform is best for you? Don’t worry! In this blog, we compare the features, fees, and more from top UK car-buying websites like Webuyanycar, Motorway, and Carwow to determine which one best suits your car value needs for online car selling. Here’s a detailed comparison across different aspects:

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Main Comparative Analysis:

Coverage500 branches across the UK5000+ dealers across the UK4000+ trusted dealers
ConvenienceRequires branch visit for inspection.Offers easy online process with home collection.Simple online submission with optional home collection.
Valuation & PricingUses its own valuation system; may involve haggling.Generally provides higher valuations; negotiation possible.Average valuations based on dealership offers.
Fees & CostsTransaction fee (£49 – £79) deducted from payment.No direct fees for sellers; dealers are charged.No direct fees for sellers; offers may be adjusted.
Speed of SaleFast sale process; same-day completion possible.Typically sells within 1-3 days through auction.Aims for a 1-3 day sale through a dealer auction.
PaymentPayment is processed within 15 mins directly to your bankMoney is transferred on the same dayReceive cash in 1-3 days
Home CollectionDoes not provide home collection.Offers free home collection for added convenience.Provides free home collection for ease of use.
CollectionDrive your car to drop-off centreDrop off neededDrop off needed

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Required Documents for Selling Your Car to Webuyanycar, Motorway, and Carwow


  • V5C logbook.
  • Valid photo identification (passport or driving licence).
  • Recent proof of address (dated within the last 9 months).
  • Your bank details (for payment processing).
  • Service history documents (if applicable).
  • Finance settlement document (if applicable).
  • The vehicle’s keys and wheel locking nut.


  • V5C vehicle registration document (logbook).
  • MOT certificate (for cars three years or older).
  • All spare keys for your vehicle.
  • Photo ID (driving licence or passport).
  • Proof of address – a utility bill, bank statement, or council tax statement, matching the V5C address.
  • Finance company authorization (for financed cars, a letter confirming the settlement figure).
  • Service record book, car handbook, locking wheel nuts (if applicable), and radio and key codes.
  • UK bank details of the registered keeper.
  • Adequate fuel – a full tank isn’t necessary, but ensure the fuel light is not on.
  • For VAT-qualifying vehicles: the VAT invoice.


  • V5C document.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Comprehensive service history.
  • Additional set of keys.
  • Finance settlement letter (if relevant).
  • Locking wheel nut (if applicable).



Known for its quick and straightforward process, Webuyanycar offers sellers the convenience of a fast transaction. The process starts with a simple online valuation, followed by an appointment at a local branch. While the process is speedy, the immediate payment comes with the requirement of a physical visit to one of their branches.


Motorway stands out with an easy online process and the added convenience of home collection. Sellers can enter their car details online, receive offers from a network of verified dealers, and even have their car collected from their doorstep. However, the negotiation process with multiple dealers might extend the overall selling duration.


Carwow, primarily known for connecting buyers with dealerships, has expanded its services to include car selling. The process involves a user-friendly online submission of car details, with the option for free home collection. While the platform is convenient, its main focus remains on the buying experience.

Valuation & Pricing:


Webuyanycar employs its proprietary valuation system, resulting in mixed valuations. The process may involve some haggling, and the offers vary – some high, some low. Surprisingly, Webuyanycar tends to offer higher valuations compared to expectations.


Motorway’s valuations are generally higher, relying on offers from a network of dealers. The competitive offers provide sellers with the opportunity to negotiate and secure the best price, but the process might take longer.


Carwow provides average valuations based on offers from their network of dealerships. While the pricing is transparent, the platform’s primary focus is on facilitating car purchases rather than dedicated selling services.

tl;dr: Motorway usually provides the highest valuations, while Webuyanycar tends to offer surprisingly high valuations.

Fees & Costs


Webuyanycar charges sellers a transaction fee ranging from £49 to £79. This admin fee is deducted from the final payment. The platform re-sells cars through its extensive network, generating profit through this process.


Motorway stands out by not charging direct fees to sellers. However, dealers are charged a fee, which might influence the final offer received by sellers. Understanding the impact of dealer fees is crucial in evaluating the overall cost.


Carwow does not charge fees directly to sellers. However, the absence of seller fees may result in adjustments to the offers received, as Carwow charges fees to the dealers participating in the platform.

tl;dr: Webuyanycar charges a ‘transaction fee,’ while Motorway and Carwow do not.

Speed of Sale


Webuyanycar emphasizes a fast sale process, allowing sellers to book an appointment, have their car inspected, and receive an offer on the same day. The platform stands out for its quick transactions and instant payment.


Motorway typically sells cars within 1-3 days through a dealer auction. While the process offers competitive offers, the negotiation phase with multiple dealers may extend the selling duration.


Carwow aims for a 1-3 day sale through a dealer auction. The platform emphasizes transparency in the selling process but retains its primary focus on facilitating car purchases.

tl;dr: Webuyanycar and Cazoo are generally the fastest to pay, but require appointments or payment of collection/admin fee.

Home Collection:


Webuyanycar does not provide home collection services. Sellers are required to visit one of their branches, which are strategically located across the region.


Motorway offers free home collection, adding an extra layer of convenience for sellers who prefer not to visit physical locations. The service aligns with the platform’s commitment to a user-friendly experience.


Carwow provides free home collection, allowing sellers to complete the process without the need for in-person visits. This feature enhances the overall convenience of using the platform.

tl;dr: Carwow and Motorway offer the most convenience with free home collection.

Which car selling site is best for me?

Choosing the best car-selling site depends on your priorities. If you want instant payment and a straightforward process, Webuyanycar is the quick option. For a user-friendly experience and a broad network, Carwow is your go-to. 

If you prefer the convenience of home collection, Motorway brings the auction to your doorstep. It’s like choosing the perfect match for your unique selling style. 

Consider what matters most to you – speed, network, or convenience – and find the platform that feels like the right fit. Happy selling!

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Choosing between Webuyanycar, Motorway, and Carwow depends on your priorities and the specific goals you have in mind. If speed and convenience are paramount, Webuyanycar may be the right choice. For those seeking competitive offers and a personalized selling experience, Motorway is worth considering. Carwow, on the other hand, is more buyer-centric and might not be the ideal platform for sellers looking to part ways with their vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which site gives the most money for used cars?

Both Carwow and Motorway generally provide higher valuations for your car. Webuyanycar has its own valuation system and the value can vary high or low.

A simple method to determine the highest price for your vehicle is by using the Check Car Value website. Just enter your vehicle registration number, and compare prices from leading car buying websites.

Can I sell my damaged car from Webuyanycar, Motorway and Carwow?

Yes, you can sell a damaged car to platforms like WeBuyAnyCar, Motorway, and Carwow. Provide accurate details about the damage, and they will offer a valuation. Keep in mind that the final price may be lower due to the vehicle’s condition. Compare offers to get the best deal.

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